Top Tough Mudder YouTube Videos

OK, thinking about doing a mud run this year? Many people are sitting at home on YouTube looking at other people doing these events. Everyone has a GoPro now, so it’s easy to just pull up a random video and see “if I can do that too”. the answer, yes!! Stop sitting there watching the rest of the world have a good time, join in!

Obviously, if you aren’t ready to jump in, here is our top 10 videos that we recommend you watch to convince you to do a mud run in 2013!!

What Tough Mudder YouTube Videos Best Show What It’s All About

Some people run marathons. Some people do triathlons. Some people swear up and down that they’re the more gung-ho then G.I.Joe – and then there’s the Tough Mudder.

But what is Tough Mudder? Below is a short yet simple video that shows you what it is.

And that’s Tough Mudder – a person cheerfully willing to trudge through 10-12 miles of Special Forces created obstacles intended to test not only your strength or stamina, but the determination and bonds of your team.

Yes Tough Mudder is a team event although according to the party line it is also a mental philosophy. Mudders are strangely looking to have fun and never leave a man behind.

But then again it’s all in the pledge.

1.Top 5 Tough Mudder Fails

And sometimes folks aren’t quite up to the challenge. Whether its finding that slippery mud over everything does horrible things to one’s balance or that neither gravity nor electricity are our friend sometimes Tough Mudder just doesn’t like us. Tough Mudder YouTube Videos

Put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.

2. Fat Guys Make Bad Ninjas

The great thing about this video is how much these guys have accomplished – together. When they startedout their finishing time took over 12 hours, but they stuck together and finished. Now they’re a premier team chatting it up.

I do not whine – kids whine.

3.The Most Inspirational Video Ever

I generally do not like being preached at or called a brat, but this video is actually pretty inspiration. No one is saying they can’t do it or quitting, on top of which they’re leanding helping hands to each other.

I help my fellow mudders complete the course.

4.Man stuck under electric wires

While the intent is humor, there is something wonderful about seeing this man’s friends carry him over the finish line. On top of that this video showcases the particular brand of humor at Tough Mudder.

I overcome all fears.
Tough Mudder Proposal

Including the fear of commit. What can I say this video is just really sweet especially with everyone being so supportive – and filthy with mud.

So there you have – wedding proposals, daring rescues, lots and lots of mud, and a geat deal of triumphant fun. Also music: