The 100 Day Body Challenge With Dave Borowski – Episode 5

In case you have not noticed yet, I have mentioned my friend Dave a few times already in my podcasts. We all need someone to hold us accountable and for me, Dave was that guy.

About Dave Borowski:

Dave is a close friend of mine, a decorated athlete, and is now working to become a personal trainer. He and I are going to be committing to a 100 day fitness challenge and we are inviting others to join us on this adventure!

We are all capable of doing greater things as long as we set our minds to it.

The 100 Day Body Challenge

I want to get my body back to being an athlete. I’ll be approaching it from a scientific standpoint with body measurements, like BMR, body fat percentages, going to the chiropractor. Dave will approach it from a must more philosophical and motivational standpoint, putting everything into words.

Dave will be providing daily 25 minutes workouts, before & after pictures, and lots of links to products that will enhance your challenge.

Our ideal outcome is for people to see that change is always possible and to see how powerful you can be. In order to master your obstacles, you have to know yourself best – step up to the challenge, get out of your comfort zone, and push your boundaries.

So, How Do We Get Motivated?

You need to start with the basics.

Your brain has to start monitoring the thoughts that you’re having differently, back everything up with positivity! It takes baby steps because nothing happens overnight. Remind yourself constantly that the chase is worth it.

Everything that you are trying to accomplish is going to be worth it. We each get our reasoning from somewhere and step one is figuring out where your motivation is going to come from!

5 Easy Body Transformation Tips:

    • Know where you are at and be realistic with your current level: You don’t go want to go too crazy but dig deep enough to challenge yourself.
    • Check your surroundings: Make sure you are surround yourself with people and material that remind you that you can do this. Whether it be Facebook groups and friends, or YouTube videos, find what it takes to stimulate your success.
    • Know that it IS possible!
    • Download a free e-book from Dave – guide that introduces raw fruits/veggies into your system and your brain needs its fuel
    • Don’t think about losing 100 pounds – think about losing 10 pounds, 10 times!

Links & Resources to Join us!