Epic Fail!

Jul 28, 2014 by Amy Z

I would give no stars had there not at least been zombies on the course. This event was a complete disappointment; No, a complete disaster. There was NO running water, so the course was bone dry. There were only 2 obstacles on the "obstacle" course and they were ridiculous to say the least. Probably because there was NO WATER, thus NO MUD. No one cared and pretty much gave up. The volunteers had no clue what they were doing. Oh, and did I mention there was no water to drink either?! It is Texas in late July and we were provided no cold water whatsoever. After mile mark 1 you were given 1 small cup of boiling, metal tasting water. People were getting sick and dehydrated, while no one "running" the event helped them. When we/others asked for water during the blistering heat on a course with no mud or obstacles or shade, we were told to walk for it! When we asked how to get out of the course because some of us couldnt make it any longer without hydration, we were told to follow the course tape. No one from Human Movement was in Dallas for our 5K. They left us dry, literally! I was completely disgusted and will NEVER go through Human Movement again.

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