Big Nasty Mudrun

Located throughout Georgia, the Big Nasty Mudrun wants to know if you “Got Mud”?

The race is roughly 4.7 miles and includes over 30 obstacles with plenty of mud.

This event will test endurance and strength, as any tough mud run should.

The terrain is often semi-wooded, hilly, and intense.

Past participants had this to say:

“I loved this experience. I traveled from PR to run this event and would do it again” – Med Rodriguez.

“Fantastic event guys! Can’t wait for the next one!” – Damon Burgess.

Race Course Information

Obstacles in the Big Nasty Mudrun include:

  • Climbing walls of different heights
  • Tunnels to crawl through
  • Cargo netting to surmount
  • Slides that will prove wet and slick
  • Over under logs to tackle
  • Embankments to climb
  • Ranger poles
  • Tires to attempt to carry

Additionally, the course has what is infamously known as “the peanut butter mud pit,” a pit which will be incredibly sticky.

Children are more than welcome to participate in an effort to challenge themselves. Children compete on modified obstacles, including:

  • A full size hill
  • Several small mud pits
  • Pipe crawl
  • Wall jumps
  • Hay bail climbs, and more.

Race Registration and Prize Information

Ages 7 to 12 years old may participate freely, but any younger children must be accompanied by an adult. 

All participants may compete individually, but are also encouraged to form teams of 2 or more.

Awards will be given out for select waves, including: individual female and male waves, all male team, all female team, Crossfit, military, and first responder waves.

The first place position for each wave will get an award.

Upcoming Races