Big Muddy Challenge

The Big Muddy Challenge is a race for everyone to share the experience of obstacle racing. Organizers insist that the goal is to create strong family bonds through healthy activity and accomplishment, as children are allowed to race.

Big Muddy Challenge Course Information

All of the obstacles include detour paths and varying difficulty levels so that racers of all fitness levels can compete.While the race will not feature swimming, participants can expect to run, walk, and slosh their way to the end.

Obstacles will include:

  • Military crawls
  • Plenty of muddy pits
  • Crab crawls
  • Dirt covered hills

Registration and Additional Information

Large teams are encouraged and the majority of participants enter in teams of three or more.

While the event is not time focused, a large digital clock is provided at the start and finish line for contestants eager to meet a goal.

Appropriate race clothes that can get dirty as recommended, such as spandex, stretch & board shorts, tech tees or t-shirts. 

There will also be showers available to clean off after the race if complete.

Upcoming Races