Berserkr Games

Located in Kingsville, Texas, Berserkr Games is the ultimate obstacle mud race for teams. This mud run boasts 31 obstacles & 5 mud pits, some 400 yards long.

Designed by Army Rangers & Special Forces from the U.S. and Australia. The race bills its terrain as aggressive in nature, racers can choose the distance they would like to compete for: 2.7 miles, 5.4 miles, or 10.8 miles.

Contestant teams must have at least two members; however, larger teams are more than welcome.

Complimenting the obstacles, there are mental games to push racers’ wits as well as their endurance.

There will also be a Mini-Berserkr track for younger children to play on, including being able too get muddy and join in on the fun! This modified mini-course is 600 yards with smaller obstacles.

Berserkr Games Course Information

In addition and probably one of the most impressive aspects of the Berserkr Games, each team must start out the race from a helicopter drop into the mucky waters of a pond.

From there, they’ll push themselves to swim 30 yards to the obstacle course itself.

Some obstacles include:

  • Pond swim
  • Large, 12 foot walls with rope assists
  • Cargo net traverse
  • Monkey bars
  • Deep holes with rope assist
  • Tire jungle
  • Rat Trap
  • Mud trenches
  • Hall of Walls
  • Cargo net crawl
  • Rope traverse
  • Balance beams

Race Registration Information

A parent or guardian must be present for children to enter in Mini-Berserkr. To participate in the main challenge, racers must be above 10 years of age.

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