Beach Beast

The Beach Beast is one of the most popular obstacle races in the US. It is a 3 mile long obstacle course that is held in different beaches in the country.

Beach Beast Course Information

Thousands of people join in to run and go through obstacles that have been set up based on the existing beach terrain.

The top prize is the Beast Cup competition that is done on the scheduled 8:45 AM time wave through a team competition.

The Beast Beach Obstacle Run also donates part of the registration fees collected to the Volunteers of America Organization.

Registration and Prize Information

Although the races are done along the beach, there is no swimming involved but racers will be expected to wade through ankle deep water as part of the course. The races are divided into time waves wherein each team or individuals time is recorded as basis for prizes and awards.

Registration is currently running through the official website at

The competition is open to everyone aged 12 years old and above, but racers who are 12-17 years old should be accompanied by parents or guardians upon sign up at the race event itself.

Besides loads of fun, a lot of prizes are to be given away to top racers and teams competing on the 8:45 time wave. The best time records for the top three men and women will receive special trophies and the top individual times for men and women will receive a Beast Cup.

The top three and the best team will also receive special trophies and the Beast Cup respectively. All the winners will also receive some Beach Beast Swag items and other sponsored related prizes.

For those competing on the other time waves, they will receive special medals and a Beach Beast shirt.

They will also receive special prizes and Beast beach swag for best time records or even special awards for best costume and the likes.

Racers will also be categorized into age groups and best time records for each category and they will also get a chance to win special prizes.

While the races are going on, there are also other activities around the beach for both racers and viewers to enjoy. All registered participants will also be able to join the Beach Lounge party which will have great music, food and drinks for all racers.

Upcoming Races