Baddest Mud Run

The Baddest Mud Run is an obstacle racing event due to take place in a former quarry/rock mine in Brooksville, Florida. This location is unique to the event as it has never been attempted before.

The event is open to participants from all walks of life; all ages, groups, teams and obstacle racing skill levels.

The course is quite challenging as it has over 20 obstacles. There will be prizes given to top individuals. At the same time, this obstacle racing event can be enjoyed by participants of all skill levels, regardless of whether it is your premier mud run.

Race Course Information

The gates to the event will open at 7:00am, this will be followed by open ceremonies at 8:30am.

The first wave of mud runners will take off at 9:00am, the other waves will follow at intervals of thirty minutes. To keep participants from getting mixed up, the course will be properly marked with arrows and water stations. The water stations will be placed at strategic points. In addition to these, there will be course marshals available to assist and aid all the participants, these marshals will be placed at each obstacle.

Race Tips

Participants can use the following tips to ensure that they get the most out of the race; Register for the first wave. This will be very convenient for the parking. The first wave also takes place when the temperature is relatively cool.

Subsequent waves will have to make do with the rising temperature as the day drags on.

Secondly, watch the people ahead of you when you hit the mud pits. If possible, you should tackle the mud pits at the sides, this is because the mud pits may just be a few feet deep at the sides, as you move towards the center, they may get quite deep.

Since the muddy water will add extra weight to you, it is advisable to wear lightweight attire, maybe running pants and a tank top for women. This will also make it easier for you to shower.

It is recommended not to carry your phones or cameras to the course, they may get lost on the water slides or as you crawl through the mud.

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