Badass Dash

The event will be held in Vail, Colorado, it does not matter if you have ever participated in a mud run or adventure race before, this race promises to be an event like no other.

It sets a number of goals for the participants, including; to create a lifetime personal challenge, to help you overcome your unimaginable fears, to push you beyond your limits and above all to give you the right to have the title of being a badass. 

Badass Dash is recommended for the adrenaline junkies.

Race Course Information  

This event is divided into different races consisting of a 3-5 mile course featuring unconventional, but manageable obstacles that live up to their reputation of being truly Badass.

In as much as every race will have at least 15 to 20 obstacles, the design and positioning of the obstacles will not be the same.

This is to ensure that participants will not know all the obstacles on the course individually, essentially, this would ruin the element of surprise which is one of the underlying reasons for the race being badass.

The event will be divided into the recreation and the elite trained division.

In the recreation division, participants have the option of crawling, walking, running or jogging.

The elite trained division is for the hardened participants out to prove their worth.

What Obstacles are Expected in the Race

The obstacles in this race include:

  • Intense inflatables.
  • Crazy cargo climb.
  • Brash balance.
  • Dock-dogs dive.
  • Mammoth monkey bars.
  • Treacherous tires.
  • Pyramid plunge.
  • Sedan slither.
  • Airstream annihilation.
  • Cinder carry.
  • Paddle boats.
  • Claustrophobic crawl.
  • White-water wash.
  • Hay-bale hike.
  • Hellacious hurdles.
  • Wicked walls.
  • Chain link challenge.
  • Steadfast step up.
  • Feared float.
  • Laborious ladder.
  • Punishing push-ups.
  • Stellar stair climb.

Race Registration Information

Participants may take part in the event as individuals or in teams.

To sign up for the event as a team, a team leader, referred to as a captain, will choose the team members and select a team password.

For more members to join the team, they will have to get the team password from other members of the team.

Groups consisting of more than five members are legible for a ten dollar discount on each of the team members registration.

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