Atlas Race

The Atlas Race is an adventure race to be held in Seattle, Washington. The course offers participants two options; a 3-5 and a 7-9 mile race.

The event presents participants with new and unforgiving obstacles. With over 20 obstacles, the course is both challenging and unique to the event.

Atlas Race Course Information

The 3-5 miles event, also known as the Atlas Boss distance event will have over twenty obstacles while the 7-9 miles event, also known as the Atlas Ranger distance event will have over 25 obstacles spread all over the course.

The course ranks among the best marked courses in the obstacle racing world. Yellow flags mark the short course, red flags mark the long course while white flags mark the kid’s course.

In addition to these events, there is the Atlas elite heats, these are created for racers who would like to compete for prize cash among the best opponents that the obstacle racing community has to give. This event will include both teams and individual professional obstacle course racers, the best local racers and any other person seeking to race with the best obstacle racers in the world.

There is also the Atlas open heats, here, participants do not qualify for prize cash. This race is meant for people who want to take the difficult course head on and challenge themselves in the process.

Participants in the Atlas Race are welcomed by a burpee jump, approximately 50 meters in length before they proceed on with the race.

This race promises participants:

  • Slippery slopes
  • Overs and unders
  • Walls and rope climbs
  • Uphill climbs and downhill runs
  • Water and swamps
  • An inverted wall for climbing under
  • Cargo net climbs
  • A long tire flip section

These military themed obstacles are reputed to be the initial motivation behind obstacle course racing. Since these familiar obstacles are expected on any course, participants are advised to train accordingly.

The obstacles in this race are designed to evaluate and enhance the agility and balance of the participants. The only requirements needed to tackle these obstacles are determination and upper body strength.

Atlas Race Registration Information

The elite racing teams in this event are restricted to only four individuals per team, however, open heat teams can be as big as they can get.

To participate in the race, an individual has to be 14 years or more on the material day of the race.

Spectators are allowed entry to the venue free of charge.

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