Armageddon Ambush

Held on a strenuous three mile course, the Armageddon Ambush comprises of mud obstacles and color ambushes that are designed to test your resilience and endurance by applying rigorous mental and physical tests on you.

The event will be held in Waldo, Florida.A notable feature of this event is the color ambush. Participants should be prepared to be ambushed by powder color wielding attackers during the race. The obstacles in the course are designed and constructed by a team consisting of experienced and licensed contractors.

This race is meant to weaken even the strongest willed individuals.  Be ready to scale a lot of hills and run through chest deep mud pits.

The course is set on a rugged park terrain featuring hefty obstacles, it is zealously organized and triumphs other courses. The obstacles are designed to mimic end of the world disasters and presents them in challenges. This includes the numerous color ambushes as you navigate the course.  

Armageddon Ambush Course Information

Participants should expect to scale walls as high as twelve feet and crawl through mud while avoiding the barbed wire spread out above you.

Navigating the course also involves jumping over fire, ducking, diving and tackling other challenges, all set on a unique terrain. The course consists of various obstacles, including:

  • cargo nets
  • water pools
  • mud crawls

The mud race will end with a ride on a water slide, ending with a splash in a water pool. This will serve to rinse the mud off and cool down the participants as they continue with the adventure run.

The mud run is not timed, as such, participants are allowed to skip whatever obstacles they fail to tackle.

Regardless, participants are encouraged to try as hard as they can to complete the obstacles so as to test their resilience.

Armageddon Ambush Registration and Prize Information

The race is open to participants above the age of fourteen, however, spectators can be of any age. Spectators under ten years can access the venue free of charge.

The race will also have awards for the best group costume, the top three finishers in the men’s and women’s categories, as well as an award for the most helpful participant.

Cash prizes will be awarded for three fastest men and the three fastest women in the combined competing waves.

After the adventure run, participants can indulge themselves in an after party that will be graced by awesome bands, plenty of beer and other outstanding events.

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