Apex Extreme Run

The Apex Extreme Run is an obstacle race at the Miracle Mountain Ranch in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania.

This mud run is put on by the Miracle Mountain Ranch and Correy YMCA, both of which offer scholarship programs for families and youth in financial need.

The race isn’t timed, but for challenge, and requires participants to be older than twelve.

No cash prizes are guaranteed, but there’s plenty to gain from participation.

The Apex Extreme Run is a great way to have fun with family and friends and proceeds go to a great cause.

If you’ve been looking for a way to challenge yourself and benefit the community this obstacle race is the way to go.

Apex Extreme Run Course Information   

This Mud run is anywhere from 5 to 6 miles long with more than 18 obstacles to challenge its participants.

Obstacles that are included in Apex Extreme Run are:

  • The Drop-Rope(into a creek bed).
  • The Sneaker Eater.
  • Pig Roaster.
  • Spider Web.
  • The Tire Flip.

Apex Extreme Run Registration and Prize Information

Kids as young as twelve can participate but youth must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the race.

The sooner you register the better, but keep in mind there are only refunds of $15.

If you register as an individual you’re looking at $55 to $70 for you entry fee, depending on how soon you register.

The team price also fluctuates anywhere from $45 to $60 per team member.

Prizes for Run include:

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