Alpha Warrior

The Alpha Warrior competition is a brand new challenge. A technical obstacle course without a specific location but travels around from city to city in the United States. It is designed to test strength and endurance, as well as mental resilience. They don’t believe in counting miles either. No Mud. No Miles.

No Mercy is the slogan for the Alpha Warrior course. The point of this challenge is to produce highly difficult and extreme obstacles, replacing the mud and the miles.

The obstacle course has been two years in the making, using the best engineers and materials to create it. The course has already taken place in San Diego and San Antonio, and aims to give back to wounded heroes that have served in the U.S. military in the communities it reaches.

Alpha Warrior Course Information

The course includes a total of 24 challenging obstacles to confront every area of the human body. It’s sequence is also not interchangeable but stays the same in each city.

The obstacles are meant to challenge men and women who are active and they recommend participants spend three months preparing and training.

Some of the obstacles include:

  • The Sea of Ropes, where participants have to navigate through a sea of ropes without touching the ground.
  • Multiple tests of upper body strength.
  • Pipe Bombs, similar to monkey bars that test overall grip strength
  • The Chopper Crawl, a vertical ladder that has been suspended that you must make your way across, testing agility.

Alpha Warrior Registration and Prize Information

The course is open to anyone sixteen years or older, with the signature of a guardian for anyone under the age of eighteen.

To register, you follow the link to Alpha Warrior website and click on the tab that says register.Once provided with your email, they send you information regarding upcoming challenges and directions on how to register from there.

The cost to register for one of their events is roughly $100, prices depending on how far in advance you register. There is also a mandatory $15 insurance fee and all applicants must sign a waiver on the day of the event before the challenge takes place.

No refunds are available even upon injury, but your ticket is transferable to another date and time.

If you finish with a time that registers within the top three males or females category, you can win a cash prize of $1000, $500 or $250.

Upcoming Races