Adrenaline Run

The Adrenaline Run is a 5K event set up for teenagers and travels to different cities across the U.S.

The run is put on to support Children’s Healthcare and Children’s Hospitals.

Some of the events have been mud runs but it is also an urban 5k, depending on which city it’s taking place in.

It was founded on January 1st, 2012 and goes on for two days providing man-made obstacle courses for participants.

This run is a great way to bond with your kids or your students, all while making a difference for Children’s healthcare.

So when the Adrenaline Run comes through your town, boost school spirit by encouraging participation and incentive to win the Most School Spirited contest.

Race Course Information

This run is a 5k and can take place in an urban setting or on trails, and adds man-made obstacles to challenge its participants. Obstacles included in this run are:

  • The Bully Gully.
  • Stairway to Mud.
  • MUD.
  • Uphill Battle.
  • Mud Slider.
  • The Balanced Life.

It promises to have fun, challenging and memorable obstacles to ensure everyone has a great time.

Post Race Information

The race offers prizes for their costume contest in three categories, Most Creative, Most School Spirited, and Most Adrenaline Spirited.

Their website doesn’t offer information about registration costs, but in articles covering the event it is clear that prices for registration go up the longer one waits to sign up.

This race offers:

  • A Dry-Fit Performance.
  • T-shirt.
  • A bumper sticker.
  • A Medal for winners.
  • Free live music – Live music to enjoy throughout the day.
Upcoming Races