ABF Mud Run

The ABF Mud Run is a racing event founded by Chad Mason. The mud run strives to get you out of your comfort zone and show you your limits when you give it your full effort. The race is South Jersey’s pioneer mud run, it ends in an open air arena that can seat up to 3,500 people.

The race can be used as a family event, after a lot of inquiries, kids can now run with their parents during the event. This provides an excellent way of connecting with family members and get moving.

Kids aged twelve and under have a special event known as “Junior Mudders” heat.This heat is at 12:30, kids can run with their parents.

The race takes place on a four mile permanent mud run course. This race has the option of running the full four mile course with some re-fitted obstacles or run a one mile course.

There are over sixty staff and volunteers spread out throughout the course to offer help, give encouragement or provide you with whatever assistance you may need as you navigate the obstacles – some obstacles may need group effort to overcome. Whatever mode you chose, running in a group or individually, there are staff always available to help.

Race Course Information

Some of the most intense parts of the race include:

  • Running through trails deep inside the wood
  • Crawling through muddy swamplands
  • Wading through creeks.

The course also features over 25 different military type obstacles.   Since some of the obstacles may require group effort, individuals may be teamed up. 

Children aged thirteen years can run the full course of the race during any event. 

The event is not timed, participants do not get any scores, except for the elite heat event. Instead, participants are encouraged to fully tackle every obstacle or at least try to tackle it before choosing to walk around it.

Participants are roused to complete the obstacles regardless of the time taken, so as to know what they are capable of.

Race Prize Information

The participants in the Elite race will be the first to embark upon the course while it is still untouched at 8:30 am. This event will have a honor system for every obstacle that is fully conquered before crossing the finishing line.

After each mud run, participants can take part in the after party, flowing with food, beer and music from local bands. At this party, participants can look back at the race and most importantly, relax after a mud filled day.

Upcoming Races