5K Foam Fest

This Race is No Longer Up and Running! 

The 5K Foam Fest is a mixture of foam, mud, and obstacles that brings fun to fitness.

The Foam Fest has something to offer to everyone, even for those that likes it dirty or clean.The 5k Foam Fest makes the whole idea of exercising a party for you and your friends and family.

You should bring friends and/or family along, so that you can prove yourself and so that they can see the excitement of the 5k Foam Fest. It will also give you a chance to show off your skills and abilities to all of the doubters and non-believers.

Primarily, expect to run a 5k distance, and having the time of your life. However, you can expect tons of excitement and activities at the Foam Fest.

There are around 15-30 obstacles per course and might even be considered a fun run, not just a mud run.

All children must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared and able to participate and complete the course with proper race tags.

5K Foam Fest Course Information

The Foam Fest is a fun challenge for the beginner and skilled runners. If you find exercising hard and dreadful, then registering for the Foam Fest will be a great choice since its mostly about having fun.Imagine the thrill of a mud run mixed with foam, large inflatable obstacles, mud pits, cargo net climbs, foam body washers, foam colossal walls, moonwalks, foam slip and slides along with water obstacles.

You will need to arrive 1 hour before the foamy, muddy, and intense 5k Foam Fest steam starts, so that you can allow yourself enough time to register and to get a feel of the muddy and foamy environment.

5K Foam Fest Registration and Prize Information

Parking is $5, if friends or family is accompanying you, then it will be fun to just carpool and travel to the fest in a group.

If possible, you should consider leaving much as you can in the car. However, there will be a secure area for you to check in your gear, if you chose to bring everything with you.

Post Party: You will have free access to Games and numerous of other activities such as, Mud limbo, Foam pit, greased pole and other minute to win it games.

Please make sure that you print out your Release of Liability waiver (this waiver is included in the email that you received with your registration confirmation.) However, if something happens that you do forget to bring it with you, there will be some at the event for you to sign, but to save time and hassles, just make sure to bring it.

You will have the chance to win prizes and discover a lot of gifts and souvenirs that will be available at the Fest such as 5k Foam Fest Race T-Shirts, free temporary tattoos, one free beer from Round House Racing etc.

At the end of the race, there will be a scrumptious spread awaiting you, which will include energy bars, and fruits; sorry but you can exclude the thoughts of a big juicy burger.

There will also be multiple water stations, throughout the 5k race, so that all runners stay hydrated.

Also, there will be a race clock at the end of the race, therefore you can personally take note of how fast you ran in the race, However, you will not be giving timing chips and we suggest that you focus on the fun aspect of the race itself, more so than the speed and timing.

Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes, because the ones that you are going to wear to the event are going to get extremely muddy and foamy.


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