OCR Socks

Have a race coming up and want to know what are the best socks for Tough Mudder or Spartan? We have researched reviews by others and compiled this list of top socks for mud runs & OCR racing. Brands like Injinji, Swiftwick, & Drymax are responding to the sock needs of mud runners everywhere and we have hand-picked the top ones. We considered both minimal and traditional┬átrail running shoes when creating this list. So if you have a minimalist shoe, these toe socks can help keep mud and hard-to-move particles out of the toe section. Don’t have minimalist shoes? No worries, we have a list of socks that will get the job done for regular shoes. The main goal is to have low-cut, tight fitting socks that can withstand the pounding of a OCR race. If you have a favorite pair or recommended pair you would like to share, contact us and we can add it to the list!