OCR Gear

If you are here, chances are you want to test your mettle and compete at an obstacle course race. You will be challenged to run anywhere from 3 to 15 miles of mud and up to 25 obstacles.

Most challengers are concerned with what obstacle race gear to wear. We get it, we went through the same dilemma.

We also go beyond just the race itself and delve into training gear and accessories. Since over half million people have participated in an obstacle race since 2010, including us, it can be confusing to know exactly what gear to get.

We want to be useful and help you know what works best for the various types of races that are being held nationwide.

Mud Run Shoes

The minimalist: Some people like the minimalist running shoes for their mud runs simply because they don’t retain water like most running shoes. However, not all shoes are built the same for everyone.

The minimalist shoes are made of lighter material that is meant to not retain as much water.

This means when you run through the muddy obstacles, not only will you have more water weight added to your feet, they will retain the water longer.

Some consider the five finger shoes that have slots for each toe, to be their ideal shoe for Tough Mudder.

However, these shoes will allow mud to become absorbed into the toe area, which will inhibit your ability to run at full speed. If you are sure you want to try them, be ready to not be able to remove the mud from the toe slots.

Mud Run Socks

compression socksOne of the best pairs of socks you can use at the Tough Mudder competition would be the Darn Tough Micro Crew Mesh Ultra-Light 1700. We created a full page dedicated to the most recommended socks for tough mudder.

These socks are made to protect your feet, keep them warm, and they are made to help eliminate any blisters from forming on your toes with its seamless knitting.

This sock is made of Merino wool, nylon, and spandex, giving you the best feel for your long trek on the course.


Mud Run Shortscompression shorts

When it comes to what to wear for an obstacle course, you should consider your best option to be anything that is made of lighter materials.

You may want to wear running shorts and dri-fit shirt. Be careful of basketball shorts because these shorts are not made to take on water and the muddier they get, the likelier they will continually fall – which will surely slow you down.

For girls, your best bet might be to compete with just a sports bra and running shorts. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to prevent the fact that mud will get inside your clothes.

It is going to be uncomfortable no matter what you are wearing, so you might as well wear the least amount of clothes as possible so you are not weighted down by the mud.

Mud Run Gloves and Accessories

mud run glovesThe one other accessory that people seem to be torn between are gloves.

Some feel that gloves are helpful to grip on the wet surfaces like the Berlin Wall or Funky Monkey, but in reality, these gloves are getting just as wet as the rest of your body during the event and as anyone who has ever worked in a machine shop or auto mechanic shop, wet gloves are difficult to grip with.