Episode 3 – Running Your First Marathon with Karl Gruber

About Karl Gruber

From 1996 to 1997, Karl Gruber was the 9th man in the world to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks, that’s 26.2 miles every week for a year!

He shared with us that after being a healthy, single radio disc jockey for 20 years, he met a little boy who passed away form leukemia and decided that he wanted to do something to make a positive influence on the world: 52 marathons to raise money and awareness for leukemia.

Karl has now completed 78 marathons and two half iron man triathlons and is a professional obstacle race announcer.

Show Summary

Getting ready for all of types of races makes you come across your own obstacles. In fitness, it’s important to lay out your goals, establish where you are physically and what type of training program is needed to slowly but surely build yourself up and move towards the lifestyle you want.

Some athletes have a good basis, like Karl, who ran about 25 miles a week before he started training but some people do too much too soon just to say they did it, not to change their lifestyle. These are the people who can’t walk at the end of marathons and go back to being sedentary afterwards. 

Doing a Marathon?

For the people who have never run before and want to get off the couch and make a change, it’s about easing into it. First off, get the right pair of shoes, and a heart rate monitor to help you keep track of your fitness.


Find a friend who’s willing to start walking with you and start progressing from there.

Having a group of people to motivate you and hold you accountability take your workouts to another level. Even getting a coach can help you with training and preparation.

Your training is so important both running, core and strength training combined can help reduce injuries and the chances of failing are so much less


  • Find your inner champion and passion
  • Take the first steps
  • Establish a good basis
  • Don’t do it alone – Get a coach or a friend
  • Strength training to reduce injuries
  • Get a heart monitor – Garmen GPS wrist monitor, Timex
  • Get the right pair of shoes & don’t overuse them
  • Warm up & Stretch

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