Episode 2 – How to Transform Your Life & Accomplish Anything with Kyle Davies

Introducing Kyle Davies, a psychologist by trade who currently works as a life-coach and transformation specialist. 

He has worked with patients of all kind, creating life-changing programs along the way. All the programs Kyle has created focus on streamlining life to make it easier and connecting to the core of who we are. 

During our interview, Mr. Davies delivered some key tips on how overcome your obstacles. From the tips, it’s obvious anyone can have and be who they truly desire to be, as long as they remain consistent and identify their goals. So whether your training to do a simple mud run, or you want to change your life completely, these tips can be applied regardless of who you are. 

Tip # 1 – Set Manageable Goals

Many people think that doing more is the answer, but we learned today that in doing less, we can streamline our actions for optimum health and wellness. We tend to overanalyze and complicate things in our lives causing us to feel stuck and lost. The reason for whatever you do, whatever goal you have has to come from your core. You’ve got to find manageable and realistic goals.

Mr. Davies used an example of him breaking down his row races from 30-40 minute races to 1-2 min intervals that helped him succeed. When you can’t break your large goal into smaller goals, you begin to feel deflated and defeated without even attempting.  We are naturally goal oriented so making steps towards our goal makes us feel good about ourselves and motivates us to move forward.

Tip # 2 – Be Consistent

Through extreme improvement, plateaus, and even declines, you must stay consistent in your motivation and routines. Some quit early because they aren’t seeing quick results while others burn out quickly because they apply themselves too hard at the beginning and become fatigued. Have a direction and be flexible in your plan.

Tip # 3 – Trust Yourself

The key to mastering your obstacles is trusting yourself.  The obstacle is often us, so when we key into the core of who we are, we can be conscious of the drives and reasons for what we do. You are going to have to dig deep and find that motivation and then you can achieve anything.

How to Start Transforming Your Life

  • Streamline your actions
  • Reconnect with the core of who you are
  • Get in tune with your own body
  • Balance your mind and body
  • Learn to breathe correctly
  • Set reasonable and manageable small goals
  • Consistency in application
  • Be flexible in your plan
  • Move towards a direction, the path may not always be straight

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