The History of Obstacle Course Races

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Known as Spartans, Gladiators, Death Racers or Mudrunners, people who participate in obstacle course races are some of the toughest, and possibly most crazy, depending on who you ask, adventure sport participants, ever. If you have ever participated in one of these grueling races, you know that these races are extremely tough, very brutal, and

The Four Best Obstacle Course Races for Newbies

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So you want to try one of the many obstacle course races or race this 2013? If so, you have come to the right place. As a beginner, you are probably really excited to get started. Obstacle courses and races will push you to your mental and physical limits and will test your speed, endurance

7 Things to Expect from Your First Obstacle Race

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If you have recently signed up to tackle your first obstacle race, you may be wondering what you can expect. You are probably very excited to get through the race, but you also may not know what stands before you. Luckily there are many people who have gone through these races and have passed down

Tough Mudder Training and Obstacle Race Fitness

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So you’ve decided that you are ready to attempt your first Tough Mudder. It is important to keep in mind that this event is not like any other marathon on the planet. In fact, it takes a very opposite approach than traditional marathons take. This is not a running course but rather an intensive obstacle

5 Essential Clothes and Gear for Tough Mudder

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One of the most incredible sport challenges you can take part of today is a Tough Mudder and Obstacle Course Races. This activity tests your ability to complete a 10-12 mile activity course filled with different activities meant to test your biggest fears and make your adrenaline rush like it never has before. More than

Top Tough Mudder YouTube Videos

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OK, thinking about doing a mud run this year? Many people are sitting at home on YouTube looking at other people doing these events. Everyone has a GoPro now, so it’s easy to just pull up a random video and see “if I can do that too”. the answer, yes!! Stop sitting there watching the

Shoes for Mud Runs

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So, you’ve signed up for a mud run, and now you’re wondering what to wear for that run,especially what shoes! Well, one thing we notice is that the shoes wear while training for a obstacle course race may be different than the race day shoes. The main thing that you need to worry about shoes

Best Workouts for Tough Mudder

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If you are looking to compete in your first tough mudder, do not underestimate the challenge that is before you! Tough Mudder requires individuals to be fast, strong, and flexible. Both men and women alike need to employ a variety of endurance and strength training regimens to get prepared for their first obstacle course race,

Obstacle Race Training – Running Tips and Leg Training Ideas

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Obstacle course races like Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder have recently burst on the fitness scene. These events are hardcore and wildly popular among both young and middle-aged corporate crowd. Tough Mudder is one wickedly intense race that will slam your body and test your mental toughness. Imagine 10-12 miles of mud racing as you