Best Workouts for Tough Mudder

If you are looking to compete in your first tough mudder, do not underestimate the challenge that is before you!

Tough Mudder requires individuals to be fast, strong, and flexible. Both men and women alike need to employ a variety of endurance and strength training regimens to get prepared for their first obstacle course race, such as Tough Mudder.

Here is a review of some very popular training systems that might allow interest individuals to prepare for an upcoming Tough Mudder challenge.

BeachBody’s Insanity 60 Day Workout


This set of intense workouts are based on high intensity interval training. Shaun T does a good job at incorporate a variety of body-weight exercises, plyometrics and sprint drills that really boost one’s heart rate and metabolism.Shaun T’s popular Insanity workout is definitely a great start.

This would be a very great workout in order to strengthen one’s level of cardio conditioning, endurance and stamina in preparation for Tough Mudder.

For a good look at the Insanity Workouts, take a look at our friend at Philosofitness who does a great job posting reviews of insanity workouts. The videos are great and Dave shows exactly what to expect from these workouts.

Getting your legs underneath you is important for tough mudder and other obstacle course races. Make sure your workout incorporates a lot of leg movements; squats, jumps, lunges etc…

Beachbody’s P90X ProgramP90x

Tony Horton’s P90X program is a great at-home workout program that incorporates strength training, plyometrics, stretching, yoga, high intensity interval training and circuit training.

This is a great program to develop upper body strength particularly when it comes to pulling and pressing movements.

P90X is also a great tool to use to train for Tough Mudder without having to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer or a gym membership.

Finally P90X is an excellent for all around fitness since many of the workouts focus on real life functional movements.

This comes in handy when crawling through mud, hanging from monkey bars, or swinging yourself over a mud pit!


For more advanced trainees looking to prepare for Tough Mudder – CrossFit will definitely a great add to one’s training arsenal.

CrossFit is a multi-disciplinary strength and conditioning program that develops one’s speed, endurance, stamina, power, agility, flexibility, hand eye coordination, balance and accuracy.

CrossFit gyms or “boxes” will teach individuals everything from olympic weight lifting, sprint interval training, swimming, rowing, etc. If one can afford a monthly membership at a CrossFit gym, take advantage of this intense training program.

In the end, the best way to ultimately prepare for Tough Mudder is to be holistic in one’s fitness and conditioning.

Being good at one thing will mean being bad at other areas of fitness. Focus on developing not just endurance, but strength and flexibility!

What did Obstacle Master do?

Well, I basically combined both insanity and p90x training into the workouts. These gave me the necessary conditioning, stamina, and strength needed to push through each obstacle.

Hope this helps!!