About Us

Greetings Fellow Mud Warriors! This site is made by me, RJ Cid, aka one tough mudder!!

My Story Before Becoming a Tough Mudder

I was fat and depressed in early 2012. I had a crap job for a terrible employer and I used food as my way to feel better. I eventually met up with my buddy Dave of philosofitness and we decided to do p90x together.

It was not easy, in fact, it SUCKED! Which surprised both of us, since we both were very accomplished college athletes.

Either way, I realized I NEEDED to change my life for the best, and fitness was/is one of the best ways I know how.

Since April 2012, I have done almost all the BeachBody workouts you know: p90x, Insanity, and Asylum.

I decided to take on the next obstacle in my journey, TOUGH MUDDER!

My First Obstacle: Losing 30 Pounds!


I mean, it was a LONG journey, but after training a TON of months and putting myself through hell, I DID IT!

Me after finishing Tough Mudder in 1 hour 55 minutes!!

Tough Mudder Chicago 2013


This site is dedicated to helping others master their obstacles!!

Lets get fit, have fun, and get started!